A managed spread of COVID-19 may be best

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In a recent article published in the Financial Review, Sam Lovick reviews whether the costs and benefits of Australia‚Äôs current approach to the COVID-19 pandemic stack up. Based on our modelling, which links dynamic disease modelling and broader economic modelling, we conclude that there are alternative modes of intervention that would have a much lower […]

Pandemic influenza

Early intervention in an influenza pandemic with a pre-pandemic vaccine

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Sam Lovick Consulting presented the following at the 7th International Conference on Infectious Disease Dynamics in December 2019. It addresses the health benefits that could arise in the US from a vaccine available at pandemic onset which is not precisely matched to the circulating strain. The modelled vaccine is sufficiently closely matched to provide some […]


Replace all politicians with everyday citizens….

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Luca Belgiorno-Nettis is the founder and a director of the newDemocracy Foundation argues entertainingly in today’s Financial Review that we should abandon election in favour of selecting parliamentary representatives by lot, as if they were jurors, going back to some of the original tenets of Greek democracy. Imagine how refreshing it would be, he says, to […]